Status of PyCon video/audio

Doug Napoleone is managing work on the 2 terabytes of video and audio recorded at PyCon. Today he posted the current plans:
The hope is to get everything done (including a professionally produced DVD of at least the r0ml keynote) by the end of June. We were thinking of doing weekly releases of material (9 tracks, one track a week, ~6 hours of video per track). That equates to ~2 talks a night for 4 nights, 1 day of re-encoding runs, and 1 night of uploading, for 9 weeks.


Keynote slides from Robert M. Lefkowitz now available

Robert M. Lefkowitz, Sunday's keynote speaker, has posted the slides for his presentation, "The Importance of Programming Literacy".

Report on PyCon 2007 networking

Sean Reifschneider of tummy.com set up and administered the wireless network for PyCon 2007. He's now written a report about the networking that describes the wireless set-up and gives some statistics about network usage.


Keynote slides from Dr. Adele Goldberg now available

Dr. Goldberg has now posted the slides and text from her keynote presentation at PyCon 2007 at Rogue Mountain's web site.